To inculcate the culture of excellence in imparting Technical Education to young budding engineers, developing their personality with emphasis on ethical values and prepare them to meet the growing global challenges of industry, and social needs for our nation.

To generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

To identify, based on an informed perception of Indian, regional and global needs, areas of specialization upon which the institute can concentrate.


Our country has entered the new MILLENIUM which is characterized by disappearing economic barriers and industries becoming GLOBAL, Therefore it would be our endeavour to contribute qualitatively and quantitatively to the national pool of dynamic engineers and mangers of global repute and prepare the students to compete and achieve the position of excellence. The challenges that engineering professionals are likely to face are due to accelerated development of emerging technologies & advancement of information technology that has effectively reduced our planet to what is often referred to as Global Village. The founders of this institute have vision to work steadfastly in ensuring quality & maintaining standard of technical education & have set about 10 years to establish this institute to be in the top ten percent of technical institutions in the country thereby grooming technocrats with excellent professional knowledge, competence, training and skills.

The institute has been established for the following objectives.

To meet the growing demand from Industry and Commerce, Research & Development Establishment, Educational Institutes for providing technocrats with excellent professional knowledge, training and skills.

To create an educational environment in which student are prepared to meet the challenges of growing needs of the society by inculcating in them:

    Up to date technical knowledge.

    Analytical and practical skills

    Management competence.

    Creative and innovative approach to work

To develop a constructive and positive outlook in life.